About us

Sketched by Erwin Suvaal from CVIII Ontwerpers’ 

Safe Autonomous Maritime Transport (Safe-NET) is a research group in the department of Maritime and Transport Technology (MTT), within the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering (3mE) at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). SAFE-NET activities are part of the ResearchLab Autonomous Shipping (RAS) in the context of the M&TT Department research theme 'Safe Autonomous and Complex Ships' (SACS).

Aiming to enable sustainability, to increase system efficiency and availability, Safe-NET group works on enhancing autonomy in maritime transport through the digitalization and automatization of all systems and at all levels of maritime transport while ensuring safety.

Our research methodology integrates: (i) design based on fundamental research on modelling, control, monitoring and planning, (ii) development in a cyber-physical-human system framework, and (iii) verification and validation.

Our research methodology is utilized to solve contemporary problems in maritime transport including: : (i) the inland lock and bridge dynamic scheduling for efficient vessel passage, (ii) the vessel navigation compliant to COLREGs, (iii) the ship towing operation using tugboats, (iv) the offshore platform transport by multiple tugboats, (v) the offshore heavy lift operations, and (iv) the power and propulsion system of marine vessels.