Master Assignments


Master Students of the Master track Multi-Machine Engineering  are strongly advised to check Brightspace for detailed information about the MME Master Assignments. General information about the Master and information about a Graduation project at a Company can be found here

Master students who follow a different Master track or programme but are interested in pursuing a Master graduation project on the research topics of the SAFE-NET group may send an email to Vasso Reppa

Available Topics

Master assignment topics will be announced regularly. In case that you want to work on a topic related to the main research lines of the group or relevant to topics shown in the "Master Graduation Projects & Theses", please contact Vasso Reppa

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Master Graduation Projects & Theses

Here is a list of Master Graduation Projects that we have been supervising. Interested to hear more about their projects and experiences? Read what Marcel van Benten and Mathilde Janssens tell us about!